Take a break from the busy life and wake up for the sound of nature. Our tents are of high quality and we provide you with hotel like accomadation while yet surrounded by jungle and wildlife.
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Experience southern Sri Lanka's wildlife in our modified safari jeeps. The wildlife sanctuaries and parks here are home to many plants, birds, leopards, asian elephants, reptiles and many more.


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yala safari

Yala combines a strict nature reserve with a national park. Divided into 5 blocks, the park has a protected area of nearly 130,000 hectares of land consisting of light forests, scrubs, grasslands, tanks and lagoons. Two blocks are currently opened to the public. Situated in Sri Lanka’s south-east hugging the panoramic Indian Ocean, Yala was designated a wildlife sanctuary in 1900 and was designated a national park in 1938. Ironically, the park was initially used as a hunting ground for the elite under British rule. Yala is home to 44 varieties of mammal and 215 bird species. Among its more famous residents are the world’s biggest concentration of leopards, majestic elephants, sloth bears, sambars, jackals, spotted dear, peacocks, and crocodiles. The best time to visit Yala is between February and July when the water levels of the park are quite low, bringing animals into the open.

Udawalawa safari

Udawalawe National Park lies on the boundary of Sabaragamuwa and Uva Provinces, in Sri Lanka. The national park was created to provide a sanctuary for wild animals displaced by the construction of the Udawalawe Reservoir on the Walawe River, as well as to protect the catchment of the reservoir. The reserve covers 30,821 hectares (119.00 sq mi) of land area and was established on 30 June 1972.Before the designation of the national park, the area was used for shifting cultivation (chena farming). The farmers were gradually removed once the national park was declared. The park is 165 kilometres (103 mi) from Colombo. Udawalawe is an important habitat for water birds and Sri Lankan elephants. It is a popular tourist destination and the third most visited park in the country

Bundala Safari

Bundala National Park Bundala National Park is an internationally important wintering ground for migratory water birds in Sri Lanka. Bundala harbors 197 species of birds, the highlight being the greater flamingo, which migrate in large flocks.Bundala was designated a wildlife sanctuary in 1969 and redesignated to a national park on 4 January 1993.also you can see crocadiles and elephants & forest birds.

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We are a nature safari, tours and camping company in Yala wildlife sanctuary in southern Sri Lanka. We can help you have a great memorable holiday here with your family and friends. Our services range from wildlife jeep safaris, night safaris, luxury tent accomadation with attached toilets, catering, meals, drinks and much more. Visit our Safari and camping pages for more details.

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